Friday, May 20, 2011

oh my goodness .

you do such a big looser thing
ran towards people who don't love
and care about you at all .
while here there someone love and
care about you so much .
listen here my sweetheart , although you
don't love me for who i am but
i love you for who you are and i swear
it's true . there's nobody can replace
you in my heart , and i know it's all my mistake
u can put the blame on me . do not worry to much
cause i'm here telling you i don't hope to be the
most important person in your life
that to much to ask for. now i'm trying to be alone
and i promise i'll never bother you again . thanks cause you
i'm being like this , and don't worry i'll never hate you
for your info i can honestly say , you've been on my
mind since i woke up today . i don't know why i looked
at your photo all the time dis morning . this memory came by right
to me and i don't mind . but the memory that i'll not forget are saying
goodbye .

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