Monday, May 23, 2011

alya birthday ;)

okeh na cite nih . semlm smbutt bedayy alya
kt kfc giant . best ? best tp aq demam .
ouh sumpahh lepass blikk tu aq tros tido
tk rse ppe wehh . aq mmg tk bole b'nfas .
nasibb tk mati . hee ;D okehh tgkk pict bwah nih 

okeh that's me ;)

angah dan saia ;)

okeh aq tau aq tk cunn , ;P

okeh cair tk tgkk aiskrim tu ? aq tau kw cair . hee

tu akuh punye , ape bnda pandang2 ? 

rarww tk senonoh ;D

 yeh , itu dia birthday girl ,  ;)
HB alya batrisya 

pewwittt , awekk cun ;)

yehh , that's all for todayy ;)

okehh sblumm tu nk tunjukk birthday cake ;

okehh comel tk . puass mkn ,
hee okeh that's all for today 

Friday, May 20, 2011

oh my goodness .

you do such a big looser thing
ran towards people who don't love
and care about you at all .
while here there someone love and
care about you so much .
listen here my sweetheart , although you
don't love me for who i am but
i love you for who you are and i swear
it's true . there's nobody can replace
you in my heart , and i know it's all my mistake
u can put the blame on me . do not worry to much
cause i'm here telling you i don't hope to be the
most important person in your life
that to much to ask for. now i'm trying to be alone
and i promise i'll never bother you again . thanks cause you
i'm being like this , and don't worry i'll never hate you
for your info i can honestly say , you've been on my
mind since i woke up today . i don't know why i looked
at your photo all the time dis morning . this memory came by right
to me and i don't mind . but the memory that i'll not forget are saying
goodbye .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

mid year exam .

hye , aq tk bole kutt nk b'harap sgtt kt kaw , tk tauu npe .
 , tk harap lebihh dha ,
okay memandangkan skrg musim exam akuh pn kene lha
study kn ? aihh , otak da pecah study ,
smlm balikk tucen pukul 10.30 , then buad hmw math sekjp ,
lpas buad aq tdo kejap dlm pkul 11.00 . pkul 2.00 pg smpai
pkul 6.00 aq tk tido , mmg ngantuk lha kn ? mamai je weh pg kola td .
rse mcm beratt sebelha , tido kutt time ckgu tk da ,
mmg semlm tk smpat na text dgn kaw , sori . aq tido 2 jam je kutt
psl nk siapkan keje kusus geo punye pasal , pehh bengang lha wei
aq igt ckgu nk hari ni say . mggu dpn rupenye ckgu nk
mmg lha kn ? tk pe lha cool , hee ;D sabar , okei ape ?
siap awal ? tk pyh pk2 lg , hantar teruss . ouh thanks to my beloved
mother sbb sush pyah bgun pkul 2pg smata-mata nk kejuttkn aq .
mmg tk jemu dptt ibu mcm nih . uhm , sory pde yg b'kenaan tk reply
text ye buzy sikitt semlm , ouh bye . time for study ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hei you

i dun't expect to be the most important person
in your life that to much to ask for i just
hope one day if you here my name
you would smile and "say i noe her"
that enough to mke me smile for a million
day of my life and please come bring me the cure
thanks you for lighted my life with colourful
moments n the truth is i still need you to be mine ;D

got a new teddy ;)

thanks yaw membazirkn duit bg teddy tu .
for the truth i fallen in love with the teddy
hha , na gdoh lg bule tk ? nt dptt lg teddy2 tu
hee akuh puasa ari nih , penatt
aih kecohh , yelha ganti puasa lha ngeng ,,
gastrick aq dtg balikk da nih
mane kaw ? aq nk ngadu nih . ;(
uhm , tell me that u love me please ?
i love you lha . semalam ari guru ;) yeah dptt date dgn akk
walaupunn de pict sbb smlm aq mcm tk betull
sikitt. ukeyy aq bg akk coklat bentukk love
comel sbb tu tk smpai ati aq nk mkn menatang tu , hhe ..
n aq bg ak beg plastikk yg penuhh dgn gule-gule + coklat
sori yaw , mmg tk sedapp at least sye happy bg akk bnda tu
n akq telah MELETUPkan belon ksygn sye ;(
penatt menulis tibe2 pech n your words
'akq tk buad pape , ' hha
sokeyh tp simpan ye kak tulisan tu ? for our moments
keep it up ! okey n mlm tu hntr text ayt nih 'nite already
arrived so bfore it's turn to morning , i would like to say to u
good nite my sweetheart , n bla2 ' hha
okeyy i need to study exam da dktt . gud luck guys . 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

ibu , umi , mama , mak ;)

to : asiah abdul majid
ibu ? happy mother's day , thanks for make my life beautiful
there nothing that i can say accept i love you moms ,
thanks for giving me birth , i appreciate it , 
i love you n again happy mother's day ibu ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


1.i'm sorry , i can't be perfect make me unstable when you let me go
3.i'm going to take you out from this suffering relationship
4.i'm going to tell you i hate you but the others word i love you
5.beings part of your life is a wonderful moments
6.i admit it 
7.thanks for let me go at least your heart no more hearting
8.i appreciate of what you're doing for me for those a year . 
9.thanks for cheer me up when i'm with you .
10.last but not list , thanks you ;(

p/s:good luck for your future undertakings .