Thursday, April 14, 2011

yeah .

berkenaan tjuk di atas :)
entahh ape mksud to ? hha beb ? akuh rndu kaw rndu akuh ta ?
saat nih akuh ta bule control perasaan . akuh t'llu berhrp sgtt kutt pd kaw
akuh just na terbaik je dlm hri2 kaw , i need to tell you the truth , i'm gonna die
without you lha beb , yeah that's my favorite quotations !
so wat's going on after this wifdout you ? a'm i gonna die ? bnyk bnda
b'main dlm kotak fkirn it's not only about you ,
it's about me , my life , your life , and the other guys and woman ?
ada paham ? so try to make me smile and i try to be more better than you'rs . is that clear ?
i'm being myself without trying to be you lha .

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