Saturday, February 19, 2011


a strong person that i ever seen in this huge world..
best mother,best best friend,best listener,best adviser and best for me in everything.
.she is my mom..she always by my side when needed or not..
she teach me for almost 13years until now..happiest and sadness all i share with her
..nothing secret between me and her...she always smile even she had fever .
.sometimes i realise why should i make her angry with my attitude..
she always patient with 6 of her children..from heart i know how bad is her children she still love them
..i always ignore her advised but it doesn't mean i hate her
..noe i love her so much..more than i love my self..
kt luar sne takk de mak2 lain yg boleh buad ape yg dia buad.
.skrg akuh sedar syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu :) thankss bu for givingbirth me..
thankss takk sia2 kan akak :) 

a moment with her :)

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